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Looking for a better understanding

Wanting a safe environment to practice, or have a desire to learn?
A spiritual path goes hand in hand with self-development and awakening of your soul.
Join us, learn and experience for yourself all the possibilities the universe has to offer. 



Special guest workshops - We aim to provide a variety of quality development resources and have organised with some of the best mediums, spiritual/ psychic teachers and energy workers internationally, to serve our foundation. These workshops are one off development days, usually one a month and delivered by experts in their field.

You can see all workshops, the dates, themes, content, knowledge level and cost by clicking events in the menu bar.

Open Circle 

Every other Tuesday 6.15pm, we meet at the forum, everyone is welcome... Each attendee is expected to bring something to the table and contribute to the development of all - if you have never attended a circle please do not allow this to put you off! As just being present will enhance the energy within the circle.

We encourage participation from all - so if you have a relevant skill or knowledge, then feel free to speak up and share. We have no teacher or leader, although some of the more experienced members of the circle will take the lead to facilitate a safe environment, in which we can all learn and develop.

Within a circle meeting you can expect an opening and closing blessing, a meditation and some form of spiritual advancement/development practice, which differs each week so we can develop a broad spectrum of abilities and modalities.

Cost is 3 euros per week, of which all go to the foundations treasury. 

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