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Spiritualism is a very personal journey, whereby our interpretation and understanding shapes our lives on a physical and metaphysical level. We begin to understand that everything is connected at an energetic level.

Being part of our Spiritualist Foundation allows you to safely explore your spiritual essence and deepen your connection with your soul, as you start to deepen and develop this connection; you bridge the gap between the earthly physical realm and ethereal realm.

It’s during this bridge building that you become self-aware of your innate spiritual gifts and it is for this reason that the foundation holds circles and educational workshops, providing individuals with a space to explore and develop these gifts.

Although this is a personal journey, spiritualism is based on 7 basic principles, first laid out by Emma Hardinge Britten which are:-

The Brotherhood of God/Creator A core belief and acceptance of a Divine Energy, a force, that has creates and sustains all. This lives within and around everything, making us all children of the divine, thus one family.

The Brotherhood of man Understanding we are one family, the brotherhood endeavours to bring equality, peace and understanding no matter the race, colour or creed.

The communion of spirit and the ministry of angels Communion with the divine is an essential part of our existence, spiritualist mediums communicate with spirit to provide evidence that our soul lives on, whilst providing comfort, positivity and guidance to those still in the physical realm. The ministry of angels serves to provide enlightenment to the individual, society and the world, to facilitate inspiration and healing.

The continuous existence of the human soul Spirit is part of the creative force thus indestructible, being energy we cannot be destroyed – we just change form. After death we leave behind our physical body and our soul moves into another dimension which we call “The spirit world”.

Personal Responsibility  The Divine creator has equipped us with enormous potential to improve our own lives and that of others, how we choose to live our lives is our own personal responsibility, ultimately there are no excuses or blaming of others, we co-create and shape our life experience.

Compensation and retribution for all deeds done on earth This principle express the natural law of “cause and effect” and this is not exclusive to after death – our choices, decisions made throughout our physical life effect our souls development and growth, there is no divine judgement, we can evaluate our conduct NOW and make adjustments to improve ourselves.

Eternal progress open to every human soul Again eternity does not being at death we have the ability to progress and develop through our actions and intent, there will always be the opportunity to develop and move forward, no one is ever deprived of the unconditional love of Divine.

The Greatest gift given to mankind is the independence of mind.

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