Welcome to our Divine Foundation

Alfaz Spiritual Foundation was founded over ten years ago as a charity organization. We are an international congregation with service being held in English, some members are able to translate if the medium has a message for you but this cannot be guaranteed.

Although we hold Divine service, we are not and hold no affiliation to any religion - WE practice Spiritualism.

This can be confusing, as a service is often perceived as a religious event... We have faith and believe in God/ Divine, as a creator of all things, but from a view point that everything is energy not matter. We believe and understand that we too, as energy are co-creators, and so pray, for we understand that collectively focusing our energies we can ease the pain and suffering of others and we give thanks for these abilities.

We sing and give praise in celebration of our creator and ourselves; raising the vibrations, to assist mediums to communicate with the spirit realm with greater ease. The service creates an environment of safety, companionship, trust, love and most importantly an exchange of energy, so that we all feel uplifted and revitalized.

Our services are NOT exclusive to those whom choose the spiritualist faith; we welcome everyone with open arms and hearts. We see no barriers of race, ethnicity, creed, nationality or age - we are all created from source, thus all one, all family.

During each service, we have a 40 minute session of mediumship, opening a channel of communication to allow loved ones, friends and family, who have passed, to give messages of love, thanks, reassurance and inspiration. Reaffirming our beliefs, that life is eternal, through the evidence provided.

We are a charity and do not charge attendees but we do have a free will donation collection and raffle.

Free healing is available to everyone after the service.

The only requirements we ask, are; that you treat everyone with respect, telephones are switched to silent before service commences and no talking throughout the service. If you are approached by the medium, please reply in a clear audible voice, this assists with the connection.

Services are every Thursday 6.30pm - 8pm, and you are most welcome to join us in the cafeteria after the service, to get to know people on a more person level.

A taste of what our service is like

This is our closing song and has become the foundations anthem...

“Live believing dreams are for weaving, wonders are waiting to start” – James Horner

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